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EUROASIAS has generated and rigorously validated a library of compounds and reagents for research. The pressures on drug discovery are increasing the demand for novel drug-like molecules for use in early screening. Numerous collections of screening compounds are now commercially available for drug discovery but many are incomplete due to a lack of particular structural features. Currently, EUROASIAS, Library contains over 25,000 + structures. EUROASIAS has developed a screening compound collection to provide novel molecules for initial biological screening. Based on elaboration around our own building block collection, we have non-exclusive screening compounds readily available from stock. Our collection of stock compounds includes about 50, 000 + off-shelf compounds and it is constantly increasing. The in-house manufacturing of our compounds determines their original and unique nature. Upon our customers demand, we provide resynthesis of structures and their analogues in a short time. We can supply compounds either in vials or shallow well/deep well plates (96 or 384 wells) to multiple split sets, as dry films or DMSO solutions as per required format. This flexible approach allows us to meet even the most exacting customer requirements. We can supply samples amounting from milligrams to kg. The purity of our products is guaranteed to be at least 98% and above. Unless more specific methods required the standard quality control tests involve NMR and HPLC/MS., Phone No. (+91)-(22)- 67745555
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