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2-(4-chlorophenyl)ethylamine AMINES 156-41-2
2-[(n,n-dibenzylamino)methyl]cyclohexanone Hydrochloride AMINES 102596-84-9
2-amino-4-chlorophenyl Phenyl Ether AMINES 93-67-4
2-amino-4-cyano-5-imidazolecarboxamide AMINES 125815-68-1
3-(4-chlorophenyl)quinoxaline-5-carboxamide INHIBITORS PARP INHIBITORS
Cochlioquinone B INHIBITORS Angiogenesis Inhibitors 32450-26-3
Cochlioquinone A INHIBITORS Angiogenesis Inhibitors 32450-25-2
Calmidazolium Chloride INHIBITORS Calmodulin Inhibitors 57265-65-3
Cgs 9343b INHIBITORS Calmodulin Inhibitors 109826-27-9
Fluphenazine-n-2-chloroethane・2hcl INHIBITORS Calmodulin Inhibitors 83016-35-7
Calpain Inhibitor Vi INHIBITORS Calpain Inhibitors 190274-53-4
Calpain Inhibitor Xii INHIBITORS Calpain Inhibitors
Calpeptin INHIBITORS Calpain Inhibitors 117591-20-5
E-64-c INHIBITORS Calpain Inhibitors 76684-89-4
Cox-1 Inhibitor Ii INHIBITORS Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors 304913-22-2
Cox-2 Inhibitor Ii INHIBITORS Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors 181696-33-3
Cox-2 Inhibitor I INHIBITORS Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors
Cox-2 Inhibitor V, Fk3311 INHIBITORS Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors 116686-15-8
Camptothecin INHIBITORS DNA Topoisomerase Inhibitors 7689-03-4
Clinafloxacin Hydrochloride INHIBITORS DNA Topoisomerase Inhibitors 105956-99-8
Cytosine β-d-arabinofuranoside Hydrochloride INHIBITORS DNA Topoisomerase Inhibitors 69-74-9
2-oxo-cyclobutane Undecanoic Acid INHIBITORS ENZYME INHIBITORS 169263-77-8
4-methylumbelliferyl Phosphate Bis (cyclohexylammonium) Salt INHIBITORS ENZYME INHIBITORS 128218-53-1
5-bromo-4-chloro-3- Indoxyl Choline Phosphate INHIBITORS ENZYME INHIBITORS 439809-43-5
5-bromo-4-chloro- 3-indoxyl-α-l- Arabinofuranoside INHIBITORS ENZYME INHIBITORS, Phone No. (+91)-(22)- 67745555
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